Shoot The Moon | Claudine Conteh
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If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
Hands down, it has to be Beyoncé!

Where would you go in a time travel machine? Would you stay?
Ancient Egypt – With all the pyramids, pharaohs and mummies. (Fun fact) The first pyramids were built while the woolly mammoth was still alive. I would stay for a week then come back!

You can give one object (the same object) to everyone in the world. What is it, and why?
A book, because that book would contain everything you’ve done and everything you will do. The reason why is, who wouldn’t want to read a book about themselves.

Can insanity bring on more creativity?

What’s one of your guilty pleasures?
Staying in bed all day watching Marvel movies

What sound do you love?
I love the sound of rain

Do you play a musical instrument?
Sadly no, but it’s on my bucket list to learn at least one.  

Who would you hate to get trapped in a lift with?