Shoot The Moon | Mina Pandi
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What sound do you love?
The sound of rain

If you were a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would you be?
A Meanycyclesaurus… clearly

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
Salvador Dali

Where would you go in a time travel machine? Would you stay?
1930s Paris. I would stay until I’ve met Coco Chanel.

You can give one object (the same object) to everyone in the world. What is it, and why?
An MP3 player full of house music! Because music brings people together

At the beach would you rather play in the sand, or play in the water?

What is the one, single food that you would never give up?

What’s your favourite season?
Summer (clearly)

Do you play a musical instrument?
Nope although I’ve tried. I insisted on taking violin lessons when I was 5 only because of a kids series I used to watch where the hero could see the future when playing the violin. I did not see the future so I stopped the lessons shortly after I started

Can insanity bring on more creativity?

Why is ‘abbreviation’ such a long word?
To make you appreciate it’s actual definition

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